About Us

BOS is a registered association that advocates the use of FLOSS. What is Free / Libre and Open Source Software?

The objectives of Belize Open Source are:

To disseminate and facilitate access to the Open Source software to users, and organisations that exist in Belize.

The purposes of this Association, therefore, will be:

  • Disclosure and Promotion of the software platform free distribution “Linux”
  • support users, groups and organization of Open Source software users and developers currently operating in Belize,
  • Promote Open source / free software through use and distribution, thereby make known to the public this type of software.

To achieve these aims, the Association will organize conferences, training and outreach, workshops, holding regular meetings between users, and any other activity that serves the purposes of this Association.

How can I help/support/Join BOS?

User Groups
Local user groups are good contacts for general and specific FOSS support. You can also attend our monthly meetups to meet the general local FLOSS community.

Mailing Lists
Mailing lists are email discussion lists where you can get both general and specialised support on a variety of FOSS topics by subscibing to them. FOSS Mailing lists.

Internet Relay Chat is a live chatroom to get live support from the community. on irc.freenode.net is one of the most popular places to get advice.

Belizean Contributers
Belizean contributers are developers who work directly with the development of FOSS projects.

There are local businesses that provide a wide variety of services. From migration to training, you can turn to these local businesses for professional service and support. You can also send inquiries to commercial@bos